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Excite BigFishing

1 usd

======================= "Paid version bonus"=======================Two items below will be upgraded!*Rapid boat: Boat that is 1.5 times faster than free version.*Hi-spec sonar: Sonar that can able to detect big fish.You can able to enjoy exciting fishing more easier!------------------------
Reel in those big fish hiding under the reef! Lure action, hooking, and powerful struggles!You can enjoy realistic fishing rod operation!
Now, hook those big fishes in southern waters!
You can drive boat freely and hook fishes over the ocean!
Even from the boat, player can easily check the endless number of fishes inhabiting the clear emerald green ocean!You can enjoy catching big fishes that are hiding under the coral reef, or some migratory fishes that are chasing smaller fishes too.
We've also prepared a sonar system, so that first-time players can also enjoys it too.Use sonar to search for big catch or follow sea birds to learn where fishes are! It's your decisions to catch fishes!
We've prepared 3 game modes that you can enjoy fishing for sure.
In Tournament, you compete with CPUs. Everytime you win, CPUs will become stronger and stronger! Let's aim the champion, by winning all tournaments!
In Challenge, you need to catch target fish under the decided conditions and time limits.
You can enjoy Free Fishing, by choosing your favorite fishing field to fish. You can able to play other fishing fields, by catching lots of fishes.